Welcome to Muddle Bar

Welcome to Muddle Bar, a 1920s library style cocktail bar located at the Melbourne Building in Canberra’s inner city as well as a private location (invite only) in New York City.

Our cocktail bars have a rich ten-year history. We’re proud to show you our recent makeover to reflect new ownership, new bar menu and our extensive list of cocktails and spirits made the classic way.

Muddle Bar’s elegant and inviting environment is the perfect place to retreat from to the usual hustle and pace of Canberra’s and New York City’s nightlife. You can relax and talk over a whiskey, sip on our signature cocktail – the Floral Martini – in the lounge decorated with classic French prints, or simply drop in for a delicious snack and night-cap.

Whatever your preference – mixing it up or winding it down – Muddle Bar is for you.